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WILD TAKH project first steps

Working into try to double world´s last wild horse population on Earth.

WILD TAKH is a project that aims to link competition horses world with the conservation and recovery of a wild horse in critical danger of extinction.

The Takh horse, Przewalski’s horse or “Chevalski”, is in danger of extinction with only 2,000 living specimens distributed in few locations and zoos. WILD TAKH aims to give the species a boost to double the world population, creating new herds in areas where they can live in natural and wild conditions, setting the conditions in 5 years and achieving the goal in 10 years.

The Project Wild takh started in May 2023 with the establishment, monitoring and management of a herd of Przewalski wild horses, a highly endangered species, in Extremadura.

This project is a very important step in the conservation of the Przewalski horse (hereinafter Thakh horse as it was originally called) worldwide because, depending on the results obtained, it has the potential to open the opportunity for several million hectares of wild areas in Spain and Portugal for this wild species to be used as a management ecologic tool to control the growth of the forest and prevent forest fires for this species, same as in other areas we are using the European bison or both species together.

The proposal is designed to monitor the reintroduction of the Thakh horse and the property they will live on, train the property staff with the latest monitoring techniques and use the latest technology for better and efficient control with clear results and communication of the project.

EBCC/Sp presents a necessary monitoring plan to obtain quality results and show them to the world as an example of conservation, with the joint objective that the property and landowner, as the main partner of the project (which gives the opportunity to the Takh horse of living in semi-freedom), can both participate and see a result with the action, not only in terms of pride and the importance of helping and leading the conservation of the Thakh horse in Spain but also in the environmental improvement of the estate and advertising positive result of a job well done, with the hope that it can promote the conservation of the species together with a more natural and resilient development of his area

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