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Only 2,000 wild Takh horses in the whole world

In 2022, it is estimated that the number of wild horses of the Takh breed would barely exceed 2,000 specimens. Of them, 340 could be affected by the war in Ukraine.
We offer the list of individuals by country that we have available, and we hope to update as soon as possible:

Mongolia: 938
Hungary: 305
Ukraiea: 340?
China: 110
Germany: 74
France: 66

Spain: 50
Russia: 23
The Netherlands: 18
UK: 14
EE.UU.: 12
Others: 30

TOTAL: 1.996


The situation is as follows:

1. Many specimens have been lost in Mongolia due to poaching, climate and competition with other wild and domestic species, as well as extreme weather conditions. In controlled areas of Europe, these animals have more security.

2. Until now the focus has been on developing projects in Mongolia and China, considering only the recent historical distribution of the species. This produces a surplus of horses in the few existing projects available to WILD TAKH. The change of focus facilitates new projects.

3. The creation of reserves in Europe is stopped. The only ones that exist are those of Ukraine and Russia, currently in serious danger with a war affecting those territories, and those of Hungary and Germany, saturated with animals. Increasing their number is the fundamental part of the WILD TAKH project.

4. In Spain, a law is being developed to consider wild horses in the wild in areas of special conservation, so that this horse could live free and loose in large areas of Spain.

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